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Cybercacti 1.0

Digital Art

Cybercacti 1.0


In 1980, a group of scientists in the desert had an ambitious goal: to create a humanoid cactus that could survive in the harsh desert environment. They spent years experimenting with different cactus species and incorporating advanced technology to create the perfect hybrid. However, during the final stages of development, a fault occurred in the program, and the cactus began to malfunction. Instead of being a hardy desert dweller, it exhibited strange behaviours, such as jumping dimensions through pixel-glitching time and space. Despite the setback, the scientists continued to work on the cactus, dubbing it the “Cybercacti 1.0” They soon realized that the glitch had given the cactus a unique set of abilities and decided to showcase it as an NFT. Now “Cybercacti 1.0” is available for collectors and enthusiasts to own and admire. Its unique glitches and 1980’s inspired aesthetic make it a unique digital creation that can jump through dimensions, time and space with a glitch of a pixel. NTF available on Opensea:

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